Jan 4, 2011

Doktor Ruby yang india....

Doktor Ruby yang india...(jangan racist di situ.... :-) )
Met tis adorable lovely doct yesterday
Last week set the appointment with the clinic

Semalam saya fulfilled itu appointment
Semata-mata mengunjuk bontot pada Dr.Ruby
Wadefak!!!!unjuk bontot yang oiiiiii?

unjuk bontot untuk dijarum with that DEPO PROVERA
(apa itu DEPO PROVERA???pelan2 yong, blakang2 kita cerita...hokay)

Atfront desk pas potpetpotpet wit the nurse
Get into the room n meet tis lovely Dr.Ruby yang india....
Haha...india lagi, or by mistake dia itu sikh?

Here's the conversation:
Dr: Ok girl, what do we have here for?
Me: Mo jarum nda beranak doct.
Dr: Ha!!!!apa itu girl?(hehehe...dia buat muka memek nenek yang lucu)
Me: Hahaha...No la doctor, i,m here to do the inject, family planning
Dr: Oh..ok, any question or doubt to ask? oh!why dont u take the implanon?

potpetpotpetpotpet....loooooooooooooonnnnnnngggggggg conversation we have
siap tepuk2 bahu(ececehhhh..macam doktor tu mak ko kan?)

ok done
decided to do the injection for comin 3months before switch to implanon
There are 2 types of injection, you may choose either for the 1 injec for 2 months or 1 inject for 3 months
Which means the DEPO will be in my body/blood/work with the hormone for 3months
If want to cont with the family plan....get another inject after 3months(if u choose the 3mths punya la)
It takes rm36 for DEPO...cheap like hell....tp minyak naik rega bisa ngamuk kok gitu

Dr: Ok girl(girl????hokayyy)...look at the curtain....dont worry u will alive fter the inject
no need to worry, no need to tinggal wasiat or wat
it wil takes just a minutes
just be relax, let me do the job, u will feel nothing, but a bit pain when the jarum masuk
but no need to worry...u will be still alive after this
OK ITS DONE....u may put ur high heel again.....

SEE......she is potpeting along the time and i didnt notice when did she inject that DEPO on me!!!

Dr: And remember girl dont come to me and kik kok kik kuk...like burung complaing, why i,m not bleeding, why i,m not this, why i,m not that.......(owh dgn muka memek neneknya lg...so sweet)
Me: Can i ask u somthing about tis DEPO?
Dr: Yeah...what is that....come and bisik2 me...
Me: Will this DEPO make me a bit....a bit...aaaaaa..
Dr: Bit wat?
Me: Bit fat....gain some weight
Dr: Haha....u very lucu one....and if u get fat u come and complaint all my baju2 tidak muat sudah
havet spend so much money buying new clothes...No la...it depend on the hormone inside u, some people might gain weight, some may in the same..no big changes la
Me: Badly need to gain some fat or watever u call it...to skinny or petite, not look so good
Dr: Aiya....kurus atau gemuk u still alive ma...so why bother...potpetpotpetpotpet........looooonngggg potpetpopet to go
Me: Ok la ok la, tapayah gemuk la, saya balik la. TQ doct, seeu in next 3months. Merry xmas n hepi new year
Dr: ok darling...same to u, hepi new year :-)

So thats it
u kurus u gemuk, dont bother as long u sihat

(so inche hazril,  i,m no longer on pill, amd ready to be inject.........come baby come to me)ececehhhh.....

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  1. ada ckit teda paham la...
    hahaha..yg last tu..bkn mmg bapak c ariz tu ur personel dokter incharge specialist in injection part.....anyway anytym...hahaha


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